Written by Jacob Ibrag

Walking into the

police station, she began

to confess to whoever would

listen. ‘I killed a man tonight.

He gave me his heart and I

stabbed it with a knife.’

 Photography by Stefan Beutle


47 comments on “Confess

  1. Confession of these types requires you to be strong enough. Painful yet beautifully written. 😊

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  2. Spectacular! So much expression in but a few words! Awesome!

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  3. Wow! Just, Wow!! 🙂

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  4. Very nicely crafted…


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  5. Eek Gads! I didn’t see that coming. But I caught your drift. It cut right to the chase. WOW!!!

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  6. whythemonnot

    Love this.

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  7. Beautiful! So simple but it speaks with such volume.

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  8. Succinct and to the point, straight through the heart.

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  9. Photo is Stefan Beutler’s Fragile

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  10. Strong stuff, gorgeous photo.

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  11. Your words left me speechless!!! 😲 This is simply brilliant.

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  12. Captain Cipher

    ’cause i ain’t got one to give mine.

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  13. Wonderful metaphor!

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  14. so, the narrator is regretting breaking someone’s heart, well, it’s, too little, too late for that, woudln’t you say…

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  15. Fan of freckles and short poems!

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  16. Wonderful and charming
    Follow me at rishitabanik.wordpress.com for more poems

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  17. Intriguing ,made me want more!!!

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  18. But it was in self defense….. 😉

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  19. I was the man she stabbed.

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  20. A metaphor. How often haven’t I failed to stop myself?

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  21. oh…geez, she is stunning! Fantastic shot! Congratulations! ~amy

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