Melt In It

Written by Jacob Ibrag

They’ll smile and separate spaces

to keep distance from all the mess you’ve

 manifested. No one understands any of it except

 the characters in the books that stare at your moving

lips. Idea’s flowing from page to page until the end nears

and it’s all history. What’s been shed between these lines

still very much alive inside your mind. The outsiders can’t

 comprehend until they flip the pages and awe in it. It’s

not something you listen to, you just have to melt

in it. Till then you’re the crazy one smiling

while they waste away married to their

mind numbing programming.

Art by Fran Carneros

15 comments on “Melt In It

  1. Sounds like there doing the same drugs as i!


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  2. I loooooooooooove the concept your blog is wrapped around 🙂 placing art and words together literally is one of the best marriages in the world and I’m glad I finally dropped by to look at your work 🙂 Will sit down one day and literally devour everything. And high five – poet to poet! 🙂

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  3. Love it, I nominated you btw, read my post today

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  4. Wow such an inventive prose and structure! Really enjoyed the marriage of art and words you’re able to convey so aptly. This is a really interesting issue to portray, you hit the mark in my humble opinion. Great job.

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  5. flashlight batteries

    “the characters in the books that stare at your moving

    lips” – This is my favorite line. I appreciate your writing.

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  6. Iflah Laraib

    “characters in the books that stare at your moving lips” a wonderful perspective in this phrase!

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  7. Sometimes, it’s just, very difficult, to keep that focus you need, to read something, and you still force yourself to keep focus (as much as you can!), because you need to…

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  8. Beautifully written!

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