Written by Jacob Ibrag

Last night I had a dream that I was free

falling from a star and onto the Earth’s surface.

I remember the air pressure knocking out my senses

every couple of seconds as I would try to stay aware and

awake. After seeing the ground, I clenched my eyes shut in

full acceptance. As I relinquished control, the velocity driving

my body began to slow till I became entirely suspended within

the Earth’s atmosphere. Unable to grasp the situation, my cell

started to ring and so I reached for my pocket and answered

it, ‘rerouting your destination.’ Instead of falling, I started

moving in reverse. Back to the star from which I came.

Artist Unknown


22 comments on “Destination

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  2. That is beautiful ….really, really beautiful:):):):):)

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  3. I really loved this. ^_^

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  4. Good lord you are such a writer, your words they literally leave me wordless. This is beautiful

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  5. Damn, beautifully written..

    Capturing a true sence of reality!

    hugs chris

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  6. Really nice piece! 🙂

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  7. Enjoy the philosophical psy-fi (ha-ha!) of it all!

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  8. Lovely twist at the end!

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  9. The imagery in this piece is just so vivid. loved it!!!!

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