Written by Jacob Ibrag

You have words for me. I can feel them edging

closer to the the rim of your lips ever since you found

out that I became more than a pretty image. You’re smiling

through the shells of your teeth, desperately pretending all is

exactly the way it used to be. You rather slip into a state of

dormancy than paint me a picture of your phased psyche.

Yet I will remain an arms length away from your soul.

I am exponentially patient and want all of you.

Photographer Unknown

10 comments on “Patient

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  2. Lovely! You paint an image with your words 😀

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  3. Love the image and mood that you paint in this piece!

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  4. Wonderful poetry.

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  6. Ah, to want all of someone is a pain that is both excruciating and beautiful. The heart can’t be contained. Your poetry is one of the best I’ve read.


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