Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You believe these debates? I mean really?

This is the best our land of the free could come

up with? I will say this though, there’s no way I could

be friends with someone who supported-.’  And just like

that,  another relationship ruined. Political puppets spinning

spools of confusion. Pulling minds into the left and the right

till all that’s left are two divided sides. Wake me up when

November is dead and the winds are strong enough

to blow all of this nonsense into abeyance.

Photographer Unknown


30 comments on “Divided

  1. Yet I fear closing my eyes.

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  3. It’s sick and shameless. the course of things.

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  4. Wake me up when November is dead!

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  5. Agree. I wish the winds could be strong enough to blow all of this nonsense at once into abeyance

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  6. There are two other candidates. If everyone who hates Trump and Clinton voted for Johnson or Stein, we’d have a third party President.

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  7. Yes I agree! Wake me up in four years.

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  8. Well ….hate to say it …but where are the winds going to come from I wonder? …..if everyone stays sleeping there is going to be no magical wind to blow the madness into obeyance ….yep democracy has been hijacked ……hijacked by the multinational corporations who pull the strings and virtually hold countries to ransom ( of which Trump is a HUGE player) ….how do we get ‘democracy’ back tho …surely not by sleeping till it’s all over ….or has anyone got an alternative suggestion?
    Again …hate to say it …but this might be why some countries are wanting Sharia ….and should western countries prevent them from doing that?
    Just throwing my twopenneth out there ….food for thought…don’t feel ANY system is perfect but believe democracy is the best thus far …it’s just too many people don’t get involved ….sleep …and then moan about the outcome
    Any alternative suggestions would be good tho…..has anyone got any?
    Quite a poem Jacob this one;)

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    • I don’t think implementation of sharia will do much of anything, it will clash with the constitution and further divide than unite. It’s a little too late to do anything with this current election, which is why I’d rather go into hibernation mode at this point. In the months following the presidential election, I’d like to see corrupt politicians get ousted for their two faced tendencies. The people of our United States of America need to shift focus from the media circus and turn their attention towards research. Sources of who we are voting for are unlimited online, we must take advantage of them like the government takes advantage of our social media accounts. Awareness and accountability is where we will find our solace.

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  9. There’s one turkey that won’t fly (one hopes)

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  10. This discussion reminds me of Winston Churchill’s quote. “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”
    And to think in other countries people put their life on the line when they go out to vote. You would definitely want some clear choices the have substance.

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  11. myageofaquarius

    I agree with the points of view given. I do have a question, does anyone believe that the inflexibility of the constitution is the ongoing problem? The outdated is kept while the current is piled filled with loopholes to be able to tie the two together. If I am mistaken, I am open to correction. Great piece!

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  13. Problem is that the specter Halloween will haunt us for the next four years!! Scary thought!!

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  14. Oi! Yes.. sadly 😢

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  16. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. This election season is so stunningly bad. Just plain toxic!

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  17. “Wake up when November is dead…” Brilliant! 🙂

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  18. But, at election, it still didn’t matter who’d won the debates, because you all are still the ones, having to choose the LESSER of the TWO evils…

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  19. Great poem. 🙂 This division is too much and unnecessary. Lately I’ve been mulling over the idea of a mass protest against voting this election year. A lot of people have made comments to me about only voting for one to keep the other out. That doesn’t sound much like hope. What if everyone, like literally 90% of America, didn’t vote because they don’t like either candidate? What would happen then? Would future candidates then be forced to act civilized or rely more on their substance than the other candidate’s dirty laundry? Just curious.

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  20. “Wake me up when November is dead”…a perfect summation. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

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