Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘When I grow up I

want to be,’ tracing a

shooting star above her

head, she quickly clenches

her eyes and whispers her

wish. ‘When I grow up

I want to be, me.’

Photographer Unknown


52 comments on “Star

  1. Yes… “I want to be me” Love it!

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  2. Great thought!!

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  3. Another beautiful poem, it is brilliant! People should be more comfortable in being themselves and not aspire to be everything the world tells them they should, it is a lovely sentiment

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  4. Beautiful It took me away…………………….:) Jen

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  5. And that is how you grow up, the real person within.

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  6. Some poems are so perfect in their tender simplicity that they take your breath away. Just beautiful.

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  7. Outstanding piece of written work!

    Described within full detail…


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  8. Beautiful thought, you nailed it!!!! This must be the bottom line of upbringing for every parents. We must teach our children’s to be themself when they grow up. Let them be first one with themself rest all will follow.

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  9. So apt! If only kids were allowed to think so…

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  10. Charley McCaw

    so moving love it

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  12. Meiji Zapico

    Yes, I want to be me too.

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  13. Wow! This is brilliant!

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  14. So simple yet so profound

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  15. That’s the best wish ever!

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  16. cambriacovellblog


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  17. I want to be the version I dream of… a different me πŸ˜›

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  18. That’s great! I think of people growing up like trees and how we’re all meant to grow into our own type of tree or shape and not become a clone. An oak can’t become an elm and we can’t become someone else either. For many of us, however and myself included, it takes a long time to work that out!
    xx Rowena

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  19. Wow. I love the format of your poetry, and the word-choice is stunning. This one is beautiful!!

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  20. She is already a queen in the making. Even if we are not celebrity stars in this life, those few and chosen will become stars in their own regard.



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  21. This is a great piece! Love it

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