Written by Jacob Ibrag

For as long as I could remember, I’ve only

been able to see as far as the cage around my mind

would let me.Without knowing much about anything,

the cold steel embrace was all I ever needed. I didn’t know

the existence of words like ‘curiosity’ and ‘freedom.’ Although

limited in vocabulary, I was comfortably breathing. And so

I beg for you to stop talking to me. Don’t want any part

of your world, let me live within my own reality.

Photography by Katharina Jung

44 comments on “Cage

  1. Wow, outstanding piece of written work!


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  3. Cool. Love the words and the image.

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  4. Nice one! Very well conceived.

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  5. You perfectly depict the life of a solitary soul, a comfortable creature of habit. Though sometimes lonely, it is a reality for some. Though the occasional passing bird is nice once in a while. I love this one, because you really have captured something that some of us have deeply engrained deep within us. This one is magic.

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  6. Amazing – love the photo

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  7. Hmmm is ignorance bliss? ….I sometimes wonder …but no …we are here to be tested …if only we could just be free to fly

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  8. I love this. Totally relate. πŸ™‚

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  9. This is excellent 😊😊😊

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  11. onlyhappywhensheisvioletpoetry

    Awesome piece!

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  12. For me, one of the signs of great writing is that it makes you think. It elicits a response. You might not agree with what is said but you come up with your own position.
    I appreciate that quite a lot of people who blog are more on the introverted side of things, while I’m an extroverted extrovert. I am also one who actively seeks to expand my mind, learn from others and fly further afield…usually limited to my imagination. I understand that people who talk at you and flood you with their words are overwhelming but at the same time, I’ve had conversations with close friends which have been like pulling teeth and I decided to move on.
    I really believe there is a risk to our mental health and personal growth when we stop interacting with people in some way and that we can become caricatures of ourselves because there’s no one to provide that reality check. I see that in Michael Jackson who surrounded himself with “yes” people.
    Anyway, that’s my perspective but it’s beautifully written and as I said, it made me think. Well done!
    xx Rowena

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    • Thank you Rowena :D. I absolutely appreciate your words and feel like this piece has done it’s job on a certain level. It kind of feels like the way things are going, the idea that ‘ignorance is bliss’ is slowly being accepted by the masses. We become the routine we try to perfect, thus shedding the chance to grow our perspective on anything. We become permanent and stray away from that malleable mind we were gifted. And you’re right, it become a necessity for people to surround themselves with those ‘yes’ people you mentioned. It becomes hard to listen to people that offer reason and fact. Here’s hoping that the need for ignorance dissipates before it gets too hard to leave that cage.

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  13. I like all the minds, being comfortable just in my own isn’t an option for me.

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  14. I’m so glad I left the cage!

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  15. Ignorance surely is bliss ! … sometimes we find that out too late. Very well written !

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  16. Hi eyes and words – this is a great poem- you should follow me since I’m new and you seem to like my poems? It would build up my aspiring poet ego – just kidding – thanks for liking my stuff though

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  17. This reminds me of the opposite of the Little Mermaid. If there is such a thing… brilliant!



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  18. Ah. The glamorous, safe world before disillusionment.


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  20. Deep inside we r all caged…with expectations… fear…or even love…and we r absolutely comfortable with that…but the soul is solitary… its free.!! Once we get along with it…no cage is fascinating enough to keep us within…

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  21. skullbandit

    Very interesting. Certainly brings interesting thought to the surface.

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  22. nice post I also love the photo πŸ™‚

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