Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Cradle your words and put them to

sleep, garnish your thoughts and render them

obsolete.’ You’ll want to give in, to desensitize from

the system. It feels rigged, as if no matter how much you

try, you won’t create a ripple. They’ll offer escape, a path

towards a guilt free conscience. Tempted by the taste

of ignorance laced bliss, you quickly throw up

the lie before it permanently spreads.

To be alive is to be awake.

Photographer Unknown


27 comments on “Ripple

  1. Very thought provoking, thank you!

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  2. joejackson

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  3. I like this for so many reasons. Well done!

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  4. So cool. It’s like my heart just understands this, but my mind wanders around in circles playing with it. Which I guess is the whole point?

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  6. What an awakening this is. There are so many places where this poem could fit into a readers life. You have struck gold with this one. I love it.

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  7. This one gets me thinking. I like being able to reflect on writing that I read. Great work! ^_^

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  8. Amazing how this speaks to me, especially tonight!

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  9. It did created a lot of ripples in my heart. Great post.

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  11. Shared it on my blog 😉

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  12. Very deep. I agree 💯

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    Reblogged this.. 🙂 #inspiring


  14. My daughter and I agree the poem and photo are so cool… This is an event. Mom’s and preteens rarely agree. Kudos See art does effect the world positively.


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