Fact Check

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘We need this fact checked, just another opinion till then.’ Streams

of neurons fixed on stringing malleable sentences. The cerebral cortex

patiently eroding while voluntarily depositing what’s left of its function.

Blood pressure harassed as sources clash with the narrative. Sweat glands

overreact as reality begins the encompassing. Two sides to every truth,

that is until one side secedes entirely. Collapsing against a wall, praying

to awake from yet another nightmare. Fact check, ‘they weren’t lying.’

Photographer Unknown


16 comments on “Fact Check

  1. it goes on…and on…and on…and will for the next 4 years. Beam me up Scottie.

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  2. Blown, seriously.

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  3. Kavita Chavda


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  4. Grandtrines

    Reblogged this on Orthometry.


  5. Oh my god…this is a doctor’s poem…i m a medical student….i can totally wind up my thoughts around it…my amygdala certainly felt everything u want to convey☺

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  6. Checking facts, data doesn’t lie!

    Nonetheless, believe in the unknown, imaginations an belief in the unknown!

    Bringing working into your writing?


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  7. this sentence, “The cerebral cortex patiently eroding while voluntarily depositing what’s left of its function” shows why we can never be overly certain. yet we do depend upon “facts.” we need them, as evidenced by the current political mess. nothing is easy, though. your piece does a fine job of illuminating what we face as humans.

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