Written by Jacob Ibrag

You become the wall you

lean on. Shedding soul and skin,

steadily trading bones for something

less familiar. Ready to part from what

you’ve always been, wanting nothing

more than to be part of the system.

Photographer Unknown


17 comments on “Part

  1. “You become the wall you lean on.” Brilliant!

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  2. Cool, love this piece of written work!


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  3. This. ❤ And the photo….perfect.

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  6. Wonderful wonderful piece !

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  7. And then you just blend in……my brain totally got caught up in the moment of this poem and it continued on its own! Very powerful stuff. Why you write something that I continue to write in my brain it means you have touched part of my soul that understands the depth of the writing and I can place myself there and my own feelings even if it wasn’t feelings you intended and I think that is THE best possible writing one can do.

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  8. “You become the wall you lean on” – that is an elegant truth.

    Great stuff.

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  9. A wonderful, authentic piece. Where do you get such large and fine photos? I love your blog design

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