Written by Jacob Ibrag

Coming to a pause in the

middle of a road, he closed his

eyes and tried to remember her

voice. ‘Never believed that we’d

get this far, yet you did. I’d give

anything for you to see this. I’d

sell my soul for you to be here.’

Photographer Unknown


28 comments on “Pause

  1. Oh, this brings up such emotions. For me, I often wish my best friend, my Gram could still be with me to see and share things with. Lovely!

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  2. Sounds like the character is missing someone with whom s/he can share her/his life with, such a great loss, that someone must experience, i’m deeply touched…

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  3. Your work is always beautifully evocative. It also maintains a sense of mystery– we only know that she is gone and long to know more.

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  4. When we love someone… fulfilling their dreams becomes a quest for us…☺

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  5. This is absolutely gorgeous.

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  6. It is a monumental achievement when two hearts still beats as one no matter how much they have gone throughout.

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  7. I love places such as that one. Definitely a place to share with lost souls!

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  8. cambriacovellblog

    Excellent work.

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  9. Such powerful lines. They made me literally, ‘pause’. 🙂

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  10. Wow this is so sad right away but it’s so good! I love your posts! Maybe you can take a look at my new blog I started recently and I’d be happy to exchange likes on posts we actually like of eachothers and a follow

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  12. So lovely!! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts..

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  13. Beautiful words. Thank you 🙂 ❤

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