Written by Jacob Ibrag

She wants to feel excited

when she sees him, to feel lost

when he leaves. Otherwise, what’s

the point of any of it? What’s the

use of owning a heart if you

can’t feel it ache?

Photographer Unknown

40 comments on “Ache

  1. There r many mediocre things in life…love shouldn’t b one of them…
    If it’s not passionate and fierce…
    I doubt..it’s love:-)

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  2. Beautiful lines jacob

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  3. z3ng33kgr7

    Well said…

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  4. Ah, I know that sentiment well. Well put.

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  5. Beautifully crafted old man!

    cheers chris

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  6. Tightly written – nicely done. —CC

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  7. Deep and absolutely beautiful!

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  10. So true. A girl wants to be everything in her mans life, otherwise what is the point.

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  11. That’s really beautiful. Have not seen a better and simpler definition of love. No lofty promises here, just fluid honesty and truth.

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  12. Ward Clever

    Sir, you are a fantastic writer. And that is why I feature your writing so much. Thank you!

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  13. Great poem. I like the message as well. You’re right, do you really live you don’t feel your heart yearn or ache at some point.

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  14. Our hearts are fragile . . . and full of Life!

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  15. beautiful wordplay but no, love is not all about ache- i doubt if it’s really related or not. it’s much more than anything solely related to pain. although the whole world takes it that way – bt the poets who write love- they will tell you it’s simply beauty and no more.

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  16. the problem with exposing ourselves to love, not knowing if it’ll end up bad or not…

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  17. novelistbaba

    WoW!!! loved it! 🙂

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  18. I’ve been thinking about this question. My heart has ached a lot recently. It’s like using a new muscle. 12 years of marriage and it didn’t ache once. It had virtually given up trying to beat.

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  19. Yes so true. For Love one has to really feel, the passion, the pleasure and also the pain 🙂

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  20. What’s a heart between beats? / useless wind-up mechanics / faulty, a still lump of desire, shaped / by struggle, tireless in its longing / some molten rock, spiked with shards of glass / broken words, silence of salty tears / frozen into piercing ice / and where my blood should flow / I got silence and confusion… / What’s a heart between beats?/ Mine – a coiled snake ready to bite / – a lump of hurt, confusion and anger.

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