Written by Jacob Ibrag

This was where we intersected. Alcohol and

drugs within my system. Keys to the ignition around

my finger. I wanted nothing more than to escape my skin,

to drive away and start all over again. I took your life that night,

crashing my car into the passengers side. You were on the phone

with your pregnant wife as she begged you to rush home because

it was finally time. Seven years have passed since then and not

a day goes by that I can’t picture your face. And as I stand

alone with my eyes closed in the middle of this murky

road, I pray to trade places with your soul. Make

something of this life, begin once more.

Photographer Unknown


51 comments on “Alone

  1. Somewhat melancholic but I like your write up πŸ™‚

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  2. ‘How sad the song’

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  3. For all sad words of tongue and pen,
    The saddest are these,
    ‘It might have been’.
    ~John Greenleaf Whittier

    Whatever prompted this I hope that it will heal.
    Regret is a terrible friend to keep but a good one from which to learn.

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  4. ericstrong51

    The movie Demotion with Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty much what you’ve written. Nice post, thanks

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  5. Regrets r for lifetime…they can’t b taken off. ..they stick to u like second skin..
    The only way left…is to live with it..
    And the only way to live is to accept it ,learn frm it and create something positive in bargainπŸ˜ƒ

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  6. Deep, melancholic pondering! Nicely reflected!

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  7. paulkensettblog

    powerful words – thanks for being brave with this

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  8. You were already a celebrity, a close friend, give yourself some gratitude, his wife has never gone without a need, nore the child! You’re wondering, whom i am now?

    Life is life, some must die, while others live… No there is no insane god…

    Just is…

    Keep write an living you’re right where you must be!

    Hugs an kisses chris

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  9. Cathartic and redemptive and brave.

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  10. This was a deep piece and I like the picture it really connected to the piece at the end. Great job on another great poem!

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  11. Impressive! Profound! Outstanding!

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  12. This was so incredibly powerful! Regret is very painful and can stay with you, always just under the surface waiting at any moment to spill out… sometimes into poetry!

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  13. I love stories that have one line that just hit you. This really makes me want to keep reading.

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  14. Lovely and haunting. I thought it was true until I read the comments…damn

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  15. The mistakes of our past continue to haunt us lifetime and we must learn to accept them and find means to wash the sins by doing something for the cause.
    Still regret or the pain is something which will be with us till our end.
    Great post, hope such tragedy never happens with anybody.

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  16. wow, beautifully penned……

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  17. ‘This was where we intersected’ Dang. Love your work so much.

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  18. It reminded me of Seven Pounds the movie…

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  19. Evocative and sorrowful. Lovely post, E+W. Thank you

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  21. Trully sad… But also truly beautiful.

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