Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Why are we leaving?’

Asked the little girl as she hid

behind her fathers leg. ‘This planets

sun is set to expire around any minute.

It’ll get really cold and dark, so we’ll have

to find another system. Honey I know you

liked this place, and I promise that I’ll find

us a better dwelling.’ Walking towards the

concave glass, she pressed her palm upon

its condensed surface. ‘But, this is our

home. This is all I ever knew.’

Artist Unknown

19 comments on “Knew

  1. Meiji Zapico

    This is all we ever knew too…

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  2. It’s very hard to risk leaving the security of what we have always ‘known’.

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  3. I like the subtle hint of apocalypse.
    Very vivid imagery!

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  4. I really like this!

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  5. your poem sets up the situation well. reminds me a bit of the ray bradbury story set on a planet where it rains almost continually. i hope that this poem serves to help the growing awareness that we seem to have seriously messed up our dear home.

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  6. A @ moylomenterprises

    Starting over is the hardest part!

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  7. Do not go gentle into that good night…

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  8. A future I hope Earth never sees. Vivid and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Distant star brand new space, hidden where we’ve not gone!

    Common sense, go where nobody has gone, in deep sleep, trusting in a ship technology, waking you upon unknown or uncharted systems, leaving home, ifinn she came, she would home in a blink of an eye..

    Why would i write this tell those whom, have kept 4 cars from me!


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  10. Humanity’s destiny depends on our ability and willingness to embrace the unknown.

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  11. Forced away from the only home she’d ever known, how cruel the parents were, but, it’s, for the sake of their own survivals, so, it must be done!!!

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