Written by Jacob Ibrag

We are the plates crashing into each other after

the Earth decides to quake. Rewriting truths till new

ones begin to shape. The comfortable suffer and try to

hold on to what used to be, while the rest work together

to form new realities. No permanence here. Empires

built upon the ruble are made to disappear.

Photographer Unknown

26 comments on “Disappear

  1. Love the lines about the comfortable. Really nice gem here.

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  2. ,, this is a wonderful poem ,,, concrete

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  3. Beautiful. I loved the earth element in this. It was refreshing.:)

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  4. ‘Empires build on rubble are made to disappear’ I love that line. Will be okay if I quote it on a piece I am working on?

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  5. You are truly great at poetry! πŸ˜€

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  6. tmezpoetry


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  7. Very un-clichΓ© analogy. Nice.

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  8. An interesting reflection. The line that grabbed me was, “Empires built upon the ruble are made to disappear.”

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  9. Damn, ifinn that’s honestly true, like you have been living there,

    hidden upon reality..


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  10. The Sad Poetress

    I wish i could write like you- i can barely get 2 likes on a postπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You are amazing!

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