Written by Jacob Ibrag

Nothing you do will ever take

place in the middle. Tilts are an integral

part of the path. Mustn’t be too careless though,

the edges will promise an easy way out. To slip is to

be stranded outside of consequence. Free from it all

and yet enslaved to your own reflection. Forever

wondering what life could’ve been like if

you tried to stay in the middle.

Photography by Mikael Kristenson

18 comments on “Middle

  1. There is no ideal mean / median or equator in the social universe. No real middle ground for emotions.
    Either you matter or you don’t .
    To be stranded outside of consequence does happen when you overdo anger , hatred or other negative emotions. A strong opponent will make you feel inconsequential if you hurt them beyond their own recognition of themselves.
    It is better to stick to the middle ground in executing dark intentions. Too much good seldom causes bad , too much bad is sure to comeback in this circle of life.
    Thought provoking

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  2. the opener sounds like wisdom to me. the poem becomes an extended metaphor which has some interesting insights.

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  3. if my analogy serves me right, that if you are a middle child, and always in the middle of things, you are nothing but a pillar of the scale itself. Thus creating nothing but balance and to uphold your own balance.

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  4. Very thought provoking, interesting and well written. Thank you. Michelle

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  5. Very profound. I truly enjoyed it when you wrote:

    “To slip is to
    be stranded outside of consequence.”

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  6. Kindra M. Austin

    I’ve been long admiring you without comment. I think you’re a fantastic writer, and this now one of my favorites. πŸ™‚

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  7. Story of most of our lives (including mine)…you put it quite well in words. One of my favourite pieces of yours =)

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  8. Warrior Naina

    Yes middle path impossible

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  9. when you’ve walked the middle long enough, you realise that the discovery of life actually exists on the edges πŸ™‚

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