Written by Jacob Ibrag

If my words can

rattle your soul from that

sleeping vessel, then I’m one

step closer to completing

my life’s mission.

Photography by Marta Bevacqua

37 comments on “Mission

  1. I think you completed your mission…Kudos to you..

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  2. Love this! Consider us rattled and awoken.

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  3. Beautiful, love the image!!

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  4. Beautiful words, thank you

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  5. Great post❗πŸ’₯πŸ‘

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  6. As we live day by day,

    we all have mission,

    to just be thee!


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  7. Holly Ann Kurt

    I love you!

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  8. Beautiful photography πŸ™‚ I enjoyed this, as always.

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  9. emotionsoflife2016

    Powerful words that still echoes deep within my soul

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  11. Touching people’s lives with your words there…

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  12. Love it! I think we’re on the same mission. You’re well on your way.

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