Written by Jacob Ibrag

If you ask me to stay,

then I’ll stay. If you ask me to

leave, then I’ll leave. Don’t ask me

to wait, I refuse to decay in the

face of your uncertainty.

Photographer Unknown

55 comments on “If

  1. Truth be told here.
    Great work!
    Love it!

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  2. Waiting is not an option in a long term relationship!

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  3. Yes, well expressed. It has to be like that!

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  4. I waited. More than once. Don’t wait.

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  5. How I wish you’d ask me to stay…

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  6. Twisted Willow

    As romantic as this whole “waiting” malarkey is supposed to be … take it from me, don’t wait, waiting is a mistake. There is a world of people out there, that will value and respect your time enough to ensure that you are not left waiting and “decaying” in the face of their uncertainty.

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  7. holabenoitcentury

    that the fact,.. we got to make people understand

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  9. Wow…. waiting in uncertainty. You really are brilliant. The way you take emotion, the inner workings of the mind, and put it so clearly into words

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  10. Chaste A Rainbow

    Uncertainity pains. I waited, don’t do it

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  11. Sayanti aka Shine

    So, nice lines . You said the words of lover’s heart.

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  12. Nice! Particularly the last two lines.

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  13. Waiting is not an option.

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  15. A hidden gem

    simple and sweet πŸ™‚

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  16. You have inspired my poem for today which, I will post soon! Thank You!

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  17. I knew this feeling all too well just recently.

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  18. Great words! I can relate to them. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  19. Beautifully written … Words from a light hearted soul

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  20. Your poetry is always so beautiful! This poem in particular is one that I have felt on numerous occasions. Well done.

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  21. Touched my soul!

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  22. Would rather have a solid yes or no, than to be left hanging…

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  23. wow ! loved it. πŸ™‚

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  24. So much beauty in the truth. Thanks for sharing!

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  25. myageofaquarius

    Oh, yes!!!! “Don’t ask me to wait, I refuse to decay in the face of your uncertainty.” This screams self-worth and knowing who you are unwavering.

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  26. Ah, you’ve captured a quintessential turning point here. I’ll confess my sin, I did that to someone once, in the weakness of my indecision…

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  27. Poetry, the art of the heart. Writing, freedom in prose. Thinking, the universe inside.
    Eyes+Words is awesome!
    Thank you for visiting nothingcluelesslost.com

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