Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You look a little lost ma’am,’

the officer said in a worried tone.

‘Maybe I can give you some direction?’

The girl in white smiled at the official and

walked towards the broken cliff. ‘Maybe

we need to get lost in this world so

we can be found in another.’

Photographer Unknown

36 comments on “Another

  1. very nicely described and good poetrical lyric.

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  2. Id rather be lost in the sea of the nephilistic world, coz one way or another, when i look up to heavens i know, we will be guided. Its good to be lost, but not always.

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  3. Sounds like she wants to take a trip to never never land, beautiful:)

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  4. Love this piece, thanks for sharing another great piece!

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  5. A lovely poem that captures the bittersweet foundation of a journey.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  6. It was happening right before my eyes. I loved it!

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  7. Fallen Saint

    This is just how I feel of late… really resonated with me. Just beautiful ❀

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  8. It feels like this poem is made for me me. Simple yet wonderfully penned. ❀

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  9. I really love this! Sometimes being lost is a good thing.

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  10. A thought came to me at first reading and stayed in my head: a conversation at the end of the world.

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    • and at the end she said to him, sorry for the way i loved you and i will not do it again, because i need always beside me. Im sorry.

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  11. love the way it ended, very captivating poetry as usual πŸ”¨πŸŽ³πŸ’₯

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  12. I’m surprised the very accurate Tolkien quote was not yet mentioned in the comments.

    I also love the mention of her white dress.

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  13. devereaux frazier

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  14. I like this one very much:-)

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  15. Its beautiful..
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    Would love to receive your reviews

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