Written by Jacob Ibrag

Spearing her fingers

through your fractured heart,

you can’t help but wonder if love

is ever truly enough. ‘I wish it was,

alas we reach above regardless of

who we leave behind us.’

Photographer Unknown

14 comments on “Through

  1. Fallen Saint

    Truly… xx

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  2. Wow. That image is stunning. Was curious to see the words accompanying. Was so not disappointed! Breath taking.

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  3. One must know or experience love,
    in order,
    to taste
    the harmonious flavor!


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  4. I love the poems that you post and I think they send out a message.

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  5. Beautiful as always wonderful as it could always get when feelings walk out of heart and mind and slowly drift into words of expression yet leaving a feeling of so much more yet to be written. Loved it like I have always love all your posts ever since I joined this blog site. You were one of my 1st bloggers I followed and I am glad to have connected to you. Bless you πŸ™‚ have a wonderful day

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