Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Do you remember

your earliest cognizance?’

She asked him as he stared at

the way her body melted into his

bed. Crawling into her embrace, he

shook his head yes. ‘You were the

beginning of my consciousness,

you are the end to all of

my sentences.’

Photography by Olga Mest

32 comments on “Cognizance

  1. Very lovely. Oh to live like that!

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  2. Melted my heart…simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. My, how I feel all the time, love personified in words, beautiful. Inspired my tanka:

    I have a true love
    forty-six years married bliss
    children three a plus
    my heart beats for wife them too
    world I love heart cries in pain

    Take care, best wishes to you and your kin,


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  4. Gosh that is soooooo special……..

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  5. Wow! Your post made me smile. I love your words! 😊😊

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  6. Achingly beautiful!

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  7. carob hush

    I love this.

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  8. Lovely. But those are words I wouldn’t trust, “You were the

    beginning of my consciousness.” I guess I am skeptical at heart. But I always enjoy your writing.

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  9. I was drawn to this post by that rather captivating photo. It gels really nicely with the subject of the poem too.

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  10. I loved it… Amazing !

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