Written by Jacob Ibrag

The seconds in a day are too

scarce to fill with hypotheticals. In

knowing this truth, why do I occupy

my mind with different scenarios?

Why do I keep revisiting the

moment I let her go?

Photographer Unknown

23 comments on “Moment

  1. Great minds think alike! My chart tolls quite is on worry. Nice post

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  2. holabenoitcentury

    hmm,.. mind blowing. love this

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  3. What a phenomenal read, keep up the good workπŸ˜€βœ”

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  4. Easily understood, yet demands more than just a couple of reads. It made me think, thanks.

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  5. This was beautifully written. Love this piece.

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  6. Damn awesome use of words to evoke emotion😊

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  7. The Dreamer

    Love this!

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