Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘What are you searching for?’

He asked as she looked out to the ocean

with her binocular gesturing fingers.Turning

towards him, she dived into his question and

answered, ‘for you. From this life and the

next, I’ll always search for you.’

Photographer Unknown

18 comments on “Search

  1. Short an Sweet!


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  2. Fabulous…. 😍😍

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  3. brilliant, in its simplicity. For you. wow. thanks!

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  4. invisiblewriter1996


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  5. I’m in love with this

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  6. superb …………………………..Desire is the cause of all misery

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  7. Baban Gaigole

    Love it…

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  8. I would simply say ‘fabulous’!

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