Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Everything is perfect.’

Even after discovering what

you’ve done, ‘everything is where

it needs to be.’ Even after finding out

her name, ‘you’re all that I need.’ Even

after sharing a bed with me, ‘I love

you more than anything.’

Photography by Saesura

21 comments on “Even

  1. Betrayal and Infidelity does not changes the love of life, but it does dries our emotions and feelings.


  2. Once again short an sweet!


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  3. You are so talented

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  4. You can’t imagine how much this touched me – these words gave me strength today when I thought I might not find any. Thank you, Jacob.

    -Khalila (https://socasuallycez.com/category/poetry/)

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  5. Amazing ….simple…and short but really expressive…..nice one …..liked reading it…..😊😊

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  6. Wow… Deep. Do you write these?

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  7. Well. Short but very powerful words. Happy New Year from me. Love and Light πŸ™‚

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  8. devereaux frazier

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