Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Wait a second,’ she says as he pushes

her hand away. ‘Promise me that we’ll remain

friends, that we’ll go back to the way things were

before this ever got started.’ Looking past her wet

brown eyes and into the cloudless sky, he nods no

and walks over the bridge. ‘How can this exist,

when it’ll kill me to see you smile every

single time you’ll feel the warmth

of another vessel?’

Photographer Unknown

31 comments on “Friends

  1. So sad and telling

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  3. Very hard to be friends afterwards and I don’t know why girls expect this from guys always???

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  4. Damn I’m going through this right now.

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  5. I’ve tried to be friends afterwards. It’s worked only once. Very hard. Beautiful poem and very true. ❤

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  6. Grandtrines

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  7. sinsandsparklesblog

    beautiful ❤

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  8. For the most part, I’ve wished to stay friends with my ex’s, I’ve tried with some but unfortunately it very rarely works as one always ends up having the feelings… I mean it’s very rarely a mutual breakup right? This poem made me sad, but it’s very good.

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  9. Is that your secret place?

    hugs chris

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  10. emotionsoflife2016

    Sad but well written

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  11. It’s easier to go from being friends to lover, but, almost IMPOSSIBLE to transition backwards from lovers into friends, because, usually, something goes WRONG in the relationship, and, there’s that fall out to consider too…

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  12. beccaswordbeat

    Absolutely touching. Beautiful words.

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  13. kobmasterpiece

    👌🏿 deep! I love it

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  14. devereaux frazier

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