Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘The answers are in those books,’ he tells her as

she throws another novel over his head. ‘Listen, take

it one word at a time, they’re bound to appear.’ Picking up

the innocent book, she tosses it back on her bed and looks at

him, ‘how can I find the answers without knowing any of the

questions?’ Taking out several more books from her mom’s

university backpack, he places them by her hands and

smiles, ‘you’ll know what to ask, just like she did.’

Photography by Lacie Slezak

16 comments on “Answers

  1. Imprint within our life giving blood,

    questions an answers…


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  2. Books have every answers for every questions!!!

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  3. This just gave me jitters, it’s beautiful and so relatable!

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  4. β€˜how can I find the answers without knowing any of the questions?’ – Yes, seeking the questions is what moves us forward. Nicely done.

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  5. Books are the window to the soul.

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  6. I came, I read, I left!

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  7. This made me smile. There was the vibe of something arcane in the way the guy seemed to be talking in riddles (zen koan, even). But there was also something street-sage and new-age-pedestrian with how sure he was. And of course, the love for books does need to be passes down the generations. πŸ™‚

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  8. A good legacy to pass down to someone in the next generation…

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  9. This was beautiful

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