Written by Jacob Ibrag

Why follow when

you know I bare no direction?

You’ve got these dreams and I want

you to keep them. I rather the growing

distance than know that someday

you might grow to resent

your decision.

Photographer Unknown

23 comments on “Decision

  1. choices are so hard in life

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  2. Perfectly said.

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  3. Unfollow dreams,




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  4. I like this one. Well said.

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  5. what a great photograph!

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  6. Grandtrines

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  7. Grandtrines

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  8. Directions lead you nowwhere!!

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  9. Jeemoni Lahkar

    Loved it!

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  10. lovely ….

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  11. Loved your thoughts, do breeze past my blog too http://highinloveblog.com/2016/09/01/weed/

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  12. Sometimes, we give up our dreams, because we think we’re in love, only to realize, that we’d given up our dreams, for someone who’s NOT at all right for us, and that, is where the regrets kick in…

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  13. surlyandcurly

    This could be written by Troy in August Wilsons’ Fences… great job here!

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  14. I love this. It is difficult to find that one true love these days. Decisions and choices. You have said it well. It’s better to find out the differences before a real commitment can be made.

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