Written by Jacob Ibrag

I was holding on to us, even

though we were completely and

utterly falling forever apart.

Photographer Unknown

15 comments on “Completely

  1. Loyal like a dog, or just in denial or very hopeful that thing might just turn around out of nowhere when everyone has lost and it seems like it will be gone forever. Now it happened, it fell apart and you stare blankly, white faced and in shock.

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  2. 😦 …bummer

    new look for your site?

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  3. I do like it…the poem is sad and a bummer…the site is quite nice. I did like those oversized photos of the other site though.

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  4. Fear of falling consumes us all, at one time or another πŸ™‚

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  5. That’s me. The truth is no matter how hard we try not to accept that we’ve lost, deep down we know it’s over but we still choose to hold on a little longer.

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  6. I know this pain. I think it’s universal.

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  7. Great poem, Jacob! Stunning backdrop in the photo… Like your new site. Good job.

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  8. MoonSeaPoetry


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  9. This would all be in hindsight, but, you’d learned from losing this particular love you were in, so, you still gained a little something from the experience, and that’s all that matters…

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