Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ll give you

my all, even if

that means you’ll

one day give it to

someone else.

Photographer Unknown

24 comments on “All

  1. I can relate, but to be completely open that is my biggest fear

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  2. You are extremely generous my friend πŸ™‚

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  3. Your poetry is powerful! I could read it all day. You are very talented

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  4. That sounds like a true definition of love, a positive energy that makes them brighten someones day as well, although it might benifit someone else.

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  5. I can relate. Beautiful work!!

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  6. MoonSeaPoetry

    brave & freeing. I don’t think I could live that way. ❀

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  7. darendepasucatblog

    Ugh ❀

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  8. That, is really selfless, but sometimes, we need to keep something for ourselves, in case the love we’d given to someone doesn’t get returned or reciprocated…

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  9. Very true! It’s all worth it though.

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