Written by Jacob Ibrag

Hard to rest knowing I’m not this person you’re so used

to sleeping with. Forced insomnia, I’m livid for not remembering.

Getting out of bed, I gravitate towards history’s imprints. Trying to use

old photos as notes, doing everything I can to match his description. Yet

I’m not that man, or at least I haven’t been since the accident. I hope

you see him again, I need to meet the man in the mirror.

Artist Unknown

17 comments on “Mirror

  1. Don’t we all?


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  2. maceysmusings

    So sad in such a beautiful way

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  3. But, if you don’t embrace the changes that’s happened to you from before, how can you fully become who you’re supposed to be in life???

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  4. Lovely piece there… I love your poems basically

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  5. It’s the sad kind of beautiful

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