Written by Jacob Ibrag

No you won’t get everything you want, that isn’t our purpose.

Every now and again, the Achilles tendon will fail and lend a necessary

view from the opposite spectrum. Hubris will declare that moving sideways is

consequential, that focus should be concentrated on tomorrow and the day after.

What usually follows is an offer in the form of perspective. You can ignore the

crucible or realize the cracks within your skin, that they are meant to be

filled with stories rather than defected expectation of promises.

Photographer Unknown

27 comments on “Expectation

  1. It’s an enlightening piece!

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  2. The Dreamer

    This is beautiful, I’m in a dark place right now and this was exactly what I needed

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  3. A Girl that Blah πŸ‘…

    Mannn 😍😍😍 great peice of poetry. πŸ™‚ I miss your feedback on my blog. Its empty without you. πŸ˜‹

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  4. A colourful hidden story…


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  5. As always a wonderful share. Thanks for sharing

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  6. What an interesting piece, you saw it, that’s cool

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  7. That Willow Girl

    Hey I love your blog! I’ve nominated you for 2 awards. See them here http://wp.me/p8g8eJ-23

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  8. Really loved this, as always. Keep creating work, beautiful mind!!

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  9. third heartbeat

    I’ve had a terrible day today, and reading this soothed my heart a little.

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  10. Very cool poem with an excellent, mature view of life, in particular the lines following Hubris… and then What usually follows…

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  11. The words are wonderful… “No you won’t get everything you want, that isn’t our purpose.” WOW! well written.

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  12. beccaswordbeat

    Beautiful, as always πŸ™‚

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