Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Careful, don’t get too close to the window

guards,’ the voice in the large black box cautions. ‘And

what happens if I-,’ touching the metallic surface, she instantly

gets thrown across the room by the high voltage. Dusting herself, she

walks and stops a foot short behind the window. Smiling, she grabs hold of

the bars and absorbs every ounce of electricity. Ripping them off clean, she gently

pushes the window back and takes in a deep breath. Turning around, she walks towards

the box and sits on it. ‘Thanks I was, really hungry. Now I interrupt your regularly planned

programming to share these next few messages. I know who you are and where you live.

By now, you must’ve concluded that this was all a mistake. Understand that, it wasn’t.

The next time we speak, it’ll be face to face. By then, I expect you to release every

prisoner within your domain. You see, I’m really lonely without my friends

and don’t appreciate you stealing them.’ Falling backwards out of

the window, she reaches her hands towards the room and

releases the pent up energy, ‘and now, I’m starving.’

Photographer Unknown

12 comments on “Hungry

  1. Electrifying! I just love to read you,Jacob!

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  2. Hey! So I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger and One Lovely Blogger Award. The rules are here:

    Your blog is great! Look forward to reading your work!

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  3. beautiful, brilliant and creative, i kept reading it over and over again, nice one

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  5. MyLifeandPets

    Jacob your amazing ❀

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