Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’d run

away if I showed the

fractured sides of my mind. And I

know you’ll say that you won’t, that the broken

edges are the sides you’d love the most. I’ve heard it all, to

the point where they stopped being original. Please,

just let me keep this moment and collect

it so I can remember every detail

of your soul before you


Artist Unknown

25 comments on “Awaken

  1. A good personification of ones inner thoughts.
    have you read my passionate love poem WHERE IS SHE. If not kindly read it it is awesome.

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  2. Beautiful words, very deep, ty for sharing.

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  3. thelovetestimony


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  4. gabriellemgillispie

    I loved this! Such beautiful words.
    By the way, I nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award here: https://gabriellegillispie.com/2017/01/24/bloggers-recognition-award/
    You don’t have to participate, but your blog has been one of my favorites for quite a while and you like a lot of my posts as well, so I thought you deserved it! I look forward to your poetry. Keep up the hard work!

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  5. Beautifully put. Love this!

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  6. Wow! Love it, was really dealing with this recently. Just keep writing. You’re awesome

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  7. It doesn’t sound like the narrator is giving the other individual enough of a chance, and s/he is just, driving the person away, maybe, out of fear???

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  8. MyLifeandPets

    This is so touching. You have me stalking your posts. This is extremely true though. Heard it all before , never know when to believe them x

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  9. A fractured mind is something I know all to well. It’s a piece of me that only I can see. They may think they see the best part of me but like you said, “I’ve heard it all before” the only original thing is it’s just a “me” looking to be set free. Great writing.

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  10. I felt a response from deep in my gut. Your words connected me with the dilemma of wanting to be present and deeply connected to a being and moment that we know is temporary … and to have safety from promises that can’t be kept, even if they are meant. Thank you. ❀️

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  11. “fractured sides of my mind” DEEP. LOVE IT. This poem reminds me of the moments when we fail to be understood by another human. Words have their limitations, which is why I try to tune into the energy, body language, emotion of a conversation. Beautiful poem.

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