Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re the smoke I inhale from this

cancer stick, patiently taking me apart till

there’s nothing left. Can’t see you, yet I feel your

eyes cloth my skin as I slither my way back home

from the therapist. Another day recycled that’s

surely to repeat as I try to convince myself

that your no longer within reach.

Photographer Unknown

21 comments on “Repeat

  1. Me liking your post DOES NOT SUPPORT SMOKING!
    Its just your writing that I like.
    Way to go Jacob!
    Great piece of work!

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  2. Love how you point out that we don’t really internalize the effects of our bad habits despite the fact they gradually eat away at us. Another awesome post Jake!

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  3. beautiful comment on habit

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  4. MyLifeandPets


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  5. I love it!! Your work is fabulous!!

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  6. Painful yet beautiful.

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  7. I think using the word “slither” is a works wonderfully with the image of the smoke. Great work!

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  8. My dad smoked and when I was young. I have more R-rated. not:)

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  9. “I feel your eyes cloth my skin” – This is the part that jumped out at me. Great words.

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  10. Because you’d grown too reliant on this other individual, to give you what you lacked in yourself, you will become codependent on the person, and, the person will control your life, and, this, is not healthy one bit!!!

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  11. Kyle Adams

    How do you become codependent and get controlled by someone. We’re they trying to control you or is that just what you thought. Who would do that.

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