Written by Jacob Ibrag

And as we go on pretending as if nothing had happened, the

noise between us stretches. More than a budding sound, it’s a dirty

stench and people are beginning to notice. I’m not saying the universe

revolves around us, but I think we broke it. It’s eighty three degrees in the

month of February and yet I feel utterly frozen. I guess you can blame global

warming and my body’s memory of the February temperature before this.

Please, just blink twice if you can hear what I’m thinking. I’ll break the

ice and part the river, to address the tension we’ve manifested.

Photographer Unknown

33 comments on “Tension

  1. ‘I’m not saying the universe revolves around us, but I think we broke it.’ … brilliant line.

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  2. Excellent extended metaphor and aptly phrased

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  3. “Please just blink twice if you can hear what I’m thinking” amazing

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  4. Beautiful, brilliant and feels like goodbye

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  5. Amazing poetry Jacob.

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  6. Truly amazing. You are one of a kind πŸ™‚ have a wonderful day

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  7. Just curious, how do you get your posts to appear on just about every page of the reader? I have 8 reader pages saved and this post appears on every one.

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  8. Sounds like the verge of breaking up, and, do you, really, break up, separate, or, do you stay together, because you think there’s still something that remained between the two of you…

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  9. You got me my friend. In this frozen interphase, I feel imprisoned and immobile. The stench, the helplessness lost in between the expression forgotten as the time divides the tension that has made a breakthrough in our wall build by us to save us from the pain that it brings.

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  10. julioccarlos

    I felt kind of connected with your poem foe the usage of the ‘as if,’ and ‘as’, which I also use a lot in my poems. Needless to say that that line was amazing, breaking the universe, deep. So, Keep up the great poetry work and the awesome posts, and once again, thank you for supporting my blog. Like, I really appreciate it.

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  11. Hi, new follower here. I absolutely love this & ur blog!!! Can I reblog this by chance?

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