Written by Jacob Ibrag

There used to be a world that lived

in my mind which I used to visit when I’d close

my eyes. As the months gave birth to years, it became

increasingly harder to remember how to get there. Upon the

final day of my arrival, all that was left were tired trees and

a people that had forgotten. I became a stranger to the

world as it moved on to care for someone else.

Photographer Unknown

50 comments on “Stranger

  1. A good poetry to relive ones dreams thoughts.
    read my latest post ALOOK AT WORLD EVENTS AND OTHER ONES.

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  2. A stranger to your own inner world… This is a wonderful metaphor.

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  3. Β I became a stranger to the

    world as it moved on to care for someone else.

    Loved this line…… Beautifully penned….. And expressed really liked reading it…… πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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  4. Wonderful poem, melancolic

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  5. Simply amazing as usual.

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  6. This one is love πŸ™‚

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  7. The world forgetting by the world forgot

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  8. love this…thanks πŸ™‚

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  10. Beautiful really

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  11. Love this poem! A reminder we will all become strangers to the world and it will move on to care for someone else. Bitter truth.

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  12. I found this an expression of how celebration and mourning can coexist: trying to return to mindstates that helped us to feel comfort and belonging, discovering that they no longer meet our needs, and understanding it may serve someone else’s well. I guess I’m seeing how we can ‘outgrow’ something we still love and have tenderness for those who are in a place that looks familiar to us. Almost like the natural experience of growing beyond what some might have called ‘addiction’ to any particular thought or habit. I’m feeling Alive and curious after absorbing this. Hope and authenticity I guess. Thank you

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  13. The feeling of abandonment, that sense of getting left behind is never easy to handle, especially all around you, the ones who loved you keep on leaving you, and it is, especially difficult, to NOT abandon yourself…

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  14. Sorry to say, the result of the American dream

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  15. Lovely, amazing. I love your words πŸ™‚

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  16. for me, this is my childhood innocence and hope. I feel like as I’ve grown, I’ve lost that wonderment. and now, I’m stuck in a land I don’t recognize.

    great piece. as always, thanks for sharing.

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  17. countryhowl

    Absolutely gorgeous; very heartfelt and full of sad truth. Love this!

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  18. Thanks for sharing, great writing. Thanks also for the β€˜like’ on my post titled Fog. Peace and blessings!

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