Written by Jacob Ibrag

Whisk the oxygen from my lungs, tear apart the

soul that makes me human. Drown my physical existence

and adopt a steady hand, you’ll only have one chance at this. If

I survive, I’ll take you away. You won’t remember my voice or the

brush of this warning. I’ll change your fate, ridding your name

from the book of breath as you’ll become a part of me.

Photography by Brooke Didonato

34 comments on “Alter

  1. Okey for maybe some. but I prefer my own will of choices and stay independent

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  2. I like them dark and beautiful. Black and ivory. Jacob! πŸ˜€

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  3. Dark and beautiful, inspiring and provoking.. thanks a lot for sharing πŸ™‚

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  4. Beautiful, and yes intense.

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  5. Interesting thought!


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  6. It’s like that isn’t it. I just laughed out loud as I read it. I swear love just rips us to shreds and finally kills us. It’s all temporary anyway.

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  8. Whenever I read your words, while also hearing them run through my mind [today especially], I think of spirituality. I imagine the prompts you must be assembling to write what you write. I also enjoy looking back and forth between your prose and the images you couple them with. OK…I’ll just go ahead and spill all, it’s quite the ethereal experience. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  9. mahbuttitches

    I felt like I was choking just reading this.

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  10. I can practically hear a deep, dark voice saying these words in my mind as I read. Well done! πŸ™‚

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  11. Can’t help but echo everyone’s sentiment – intense! Keep it up Jacob! (Wasn’t meant to rhyme but guess it’s in my blood now)

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  12. Took my breath away, no doubt about that!
    Real powerful piece!
    Great work Jacob!

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  14. It reminds me of surrendering my feelings to my partner after being so guarded. Great work!

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