Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘What if this structure isn’t any different?

What good is matriculation if I end up being the one

who teaches?’ Clenching his frustration into a fist, he asked his

dad why he couldn’t just follow in his footsteps. ‘Is that what you really

want, to be like me? You know, if that brain of yours was anything like mine, I’d

totally take you under my wing. Fact is, you are your mother’s son and to ignore that

wouldn’t be honest.’ Glaring at his father, he wondered how he was able to be so calm.

‘Honest? She left me to attend this stupid school, and now you’re pushing me away

to follow her example.’ Hugging his son, he explained that it wasn’t her fault, ‘it

would’ve been impossible for her to stay with us. Point is that you belong

here and that this might be the only place that could answer all of

your questions. Take this letter, and read it when you get

inside. I’ll pray everyday that the next time we

meet, you will have realized your

reason and destiny.’

Art by Alex Hogrefe

20 comments on “Destiny

  1. Loved this piece and the picture is also incredible!

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  2. Not sure I would want to stand on that balcony!

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  3. Fab house!
    Is this part of a story you are writing?

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  4. wow.. Well written

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  5. Waiting to read a sequel

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  6. twenty four darker blog's


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  7. photoscientist


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  8. The visual makes such a striking companion to the writing, here.

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  9. Great picture,and post too

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