Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re trying to convince me that you’ve changed, that what used

to be isn’t any longer relevant. And you have, I can’t deny that. You

used to part your hair in the middle and now, well it’s mostly painted

upon your right shoulder. And I can’t forget about that smile. That smile

that gave me hope, even on a bad day a simple grin reminded me to just

keep going. So yea, a few things may have changed, and maybe life hasn’t

turned out exactly how you pictured it. But no matter how bad it might get,

I swear I’ll be the lighthouse for your ship. And no matter how much you

may have changed, that heart you keep will always remain the same.

Photographer Unknown

27 comments on “Changed

  1. This is brilliant. I loved the line,” And no matter how much you may have changed, that heart you keep will always remain the same”, the most…

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  2. Beautiful….absolutely awesome

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  3. beautifully written!

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  4. I enjoyed how her smile gave hope and the small details about how she parted her hair. It meant that he paid close attention to all the little things about her and despite her maturing into a new stage in her life, he still loves her. He accepts her new stage in life, even if it’s a transformation he has to adjust to. Just my interpretation. πŸ™‚

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  5. Lov, your piece of written work!

    Turning the line
    follow me blind..
    i’ll never, ever
    Right to go back
    the slow tick
    among fast moving


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  6. Nice poem; very sweet. Right attitude!

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  7. myageofaquarius

    Truly beautiful πŸ’

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  8. lovely piece.
    The lighthouse to her ship.

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  10. Changes need to come from within oneself, because if you don’t change your attitude about life, then, NO matter what you changed about the way you looked, you’ll always still be the same old you…

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  11. “Painted upon your right shoulder” – you brought me there, you opened my eyes to see her hair. Lovely.


  12. The little details!! Lovely poem !!

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