Written by Jacob Ibrag

Why do we seek to

fix those that’ll tear us

into a million pieces after

making them whole?

Photographer Unknown

33 comments on “Tear

  1. No one ever fixes anyone with out their wish to be …
    Wish to be cured is half the cure. Taking creative responsibility for someone else’s recovery is impossible …. in matters of the mind or heart.

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  2. Impossible to keep accounts in such matters. They may not tally…… will have to take it in one’s stride. I understand the poem . Beautiful.

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  3. Because we are going people.

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  4. True words. This hits home.

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  5. Dionne Watkins

    Could it just be that by fixing others we end up fixing ourselves – even if only a little and sometimes that feeling/message gets lost or twisted and we’ll end up hurting others to heal the parts of us we think are broken?
    Human action and emotion is such a complex thing.

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    • Maybe we’re meant to understand ourselves before getting entwined with those that have yet to do so. Otherwise it’ll be a vicious cycle of copying a pasting broken remedies.

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  6. I am guessing it is the hope we wish to see for ourselves, because sometimes this poem can be targeted at your internal conversation rather than to someone on the outside. Which actually makes it more heartbreaking than it already is.

    Strong words, I love it.

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  7. I think ultimately we are improving ourselves in the process.

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  8. mahbuttitches

    It’s easier to focus on fixing someone else’s problems, because then you don’t have to look yourself in the mirror and say “wtf is my problem” Guilty my whole damn life. Now, I just see my crap piling up from avoiding my own problems. At the same time, there is the feeling of loving someone and wanting them to be happy no matter what. Thank you for the post, I love the provocative way you write.

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  9. Because we don’t won’t to waste what we put all our energy into x

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  10. Very true words. But maybe we attempt to fix them because we forgive? This is a very wonderful poem.

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  11. What a question!!!!!!! I am definitely guilty of just that and in those moments, you have no idea of how to stop repeating bad behaviors. Great post and thank you for sharing.

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  12. julioccarlos

    This guy, Jacob Ibrag, is…. wau. 4 Lines, so many feels.
    By the way, I Publishea book. How can I send it to you?

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  13. twenty four darker blog's

    Means alot

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  14. i like this. if you truly felt something for someone, their brokenness becomes yours – and no one wants to be torn apart.


  15. Hey, you write very beautifully.
    I write a little too. I’d be glad if you’d just pay my blog a visit as well. Thank you πŸ™‚
    Great writing. Keep it up ❀


  16. It’s always feels right until…

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  17. What a heavy thought in so few words…

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