Written by Jacob Ibrag

I didn’t understand where my feet were taking

me. The more I fought to stand still, the faster they

moved towards an uncertain direction. All I could think

about were stars and their supernova nature. What if I was

running away from my inability to make a decision? What

if stars explode when they give in to their inhibitions?

Photographer Unknown

26 comments on “Supernova

  1. Love these lines, Jacob Ibrag. Thanks eyespluswords for sharing. ❀

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  2. Running away from our inability to make decisions… wow… lovely theme… this is making me think… thanks.

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  3. Love it! your words are always great and the photos always a great pair. You bring together my two favorite things poetry and photography. It’s always a joy to see your new piece!

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  4. mahbuttitches

    This is another amazing piece. I always find such reflection in your words. I’m so glad for your talent. Your poetry makes me feel less alone. I’m grateful for it. 😊

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  5. I screenshot this because it was too amazing to let go of and forget! I’ll be writing this down somewhere special. I truly enjoyed this poem and your writing

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  6. Metaphoric wisdom!

    An well written…


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  7. Brilliant!
    Love ❀

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  8. Sometimes, we work, really hard, to resist where life’s taking us, and, we’d battled, and conflicted with our selves in ways we couldn’t even comprehend, and in the end, we couldn’t, beat it, and we’d, just, thrown in the towels, and allow life to take over, then, voila, everything falls, into its rightful places all of a sudden…

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  9. Nice piece, love that last line.

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  10. I like it! Overthinking can lead to destruction of oneself.

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  11. purplequill23

    Wow, what a poem! Very reflective, and the lines are as jarring as the content – it forces me to give pause to what I’m reading as I read, and then to consider the piece as a whole. I haven’t had that type of ressponse since reading Dickinson.

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  12. This strikes a chord with me, I’m having to make some hard decisions myself. Also, can’t believe I haven’t been checking out your blog! It’s too easy for me to focus on my own expression and not share the love!

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