Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Will you take me as I

am?’ He asked as she stared

at the ring he had just given her.

‘How can I keep this when the soul

that wants to be with me refuses

to accept its own vessel?’

Photographer Unknown

23 comments on “Own

  1. Looking forward to your next post! 🙂

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  3. A judgement within?

    Nicely written…


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  4. Oh what a character!!!!

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  5. I really like this. You’re making me think so much of how I struggle.

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  6. Beautiful and haunting. You keep teaching me, by example, what good poetry is and does.

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  7. Making the complications so simple. Choices, always choices. This is a powerful one.

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  8. I’ve got to say. I’ve been following your posts for a while and I am mesmerized by the look and feel of your blog. The content is just as touching and it’s simplicity and purity is really beautiful. You’re doing good. Thumbs up.

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  9. This is riveting! Oh I want to know more, the soul and the vessel.

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