Written by Jacob Ibrag

You can’t choose who you fall in love with. It just clicks in

the moment, you just know it. The air begins to taste different, more

potent than you’ve ever experienced. Your heart erupts while conceiving

new emotion that you can barely operate. It’s the big bang, overwhelming.

Light headed. You get consumed by it. You can’t choose who you fall in

love with, so surrender and embrace the anarchic jubilation.

Photography John Bosley

37 comments on “Surrender

  1. and then he breaks your heart

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  2. Fantastic read, the feeling of that fall is both terrifying and freeing. I felt it the minute I locked eyes with my girlfriend and I haven’t quite falling since!

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  3. “t’s the big bang, overwhelming.” I like

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  4. “anarchic jubilation”. Wowzers, so so good!

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  5. Hot! So profound such an intense emotion as love…

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  6. Very beautiful write and thanks for stopping by my page Anita

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  7. This is a great traditional type of love. Although not everyone experiences this, it’s the ultimate experience everyone wishes for.

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  8. YES!! Love this ❀️

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  9. Beautiful poem ❀

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  10. Anna Spoon

    Oh, how I relate…

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  11. Falling in love. The greatest the feel and yet the biggest risk we can take. I think this poem does a good job of capturing the first part of that sentence.

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  12. and, when you feel like that, it’s, especially important, to consult with your head, because your heart may be taken over by passion, and, we’re often, ruined by our own passions, to some extent in life here…

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  13. But love, that strange word, that odd thing, is so difficult to understand. Love is a big bag of feelings, experiences, and more importantly, commitment. Love is the thing that gets you through when you feel empty inside. Love is when you do something you don’t want to do to because of the person you care for. The feeling that you describe above, its the start of love, but it’s also the start of many-a-sadness. The love that ties together times of feeling you isolate, that is the power – the non-disney, nuts-and-bolts love.

    Just thoughts inspired by what you wrote. I really do think you describe the opening gambit of love very well (anarchic jubilation – awesome πŸ™‚ )

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  14. It’s a risk to love, a risk we must all embrace!

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  15. Such an Eloquent description of how it all happens. Love it! Especially the lines – “You can’t choose who you fall in love with. It just clicks in the moment, you just know it.” That’s exactly the way it was when I met my wife/soulmate. Game, Set, Match in a moment! Bravo!!!

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