This City

Written by David L

This city
is shirt and tie.
Suit up or die.
Suit up and die.
Alleyways, back doors,
garbage cans, cement floors.
scrape scrawl crawl sprawl
raw upon the workers’ backs
raw upon the workers’ backs.
They love it.

This city
is gin and tonic.
Possessed, maddening,
grim, hedonic.
Liquor and booze –
“I’m not drunk!” says the vomit.
As sanity succumbs to quinine
So employees
bend knees
pay homage to moonshine.
They love it.

This city
is kith and kin.
Dancing from train to office –
tin to din.
Engrossed, consumed,
Like, Share, and Check-in.
Connection? Isolation?
Synonyms on the screen.
So friends become Friends,
and likes become Likes.
Social becomes unsocial
adrenaline spike.
They love it.

Photographer Unknown

2 comments on “This City

  1. If you liked this poem, come explore
    See you on the other side.

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  2. This is great. Your words are an inspiration. Now, I’m going back to my gin and tonic…

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