Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ve seen the end and the devastation and yet, I haven’t

felt it. It isn’t the same, seeing something unfold and being in the

actual inception. Even though I know what words you’ll last speak to me, I

still want to feel that crushing defeat. And it looks like our kid is going to hate

us. But just like everything, it’ll dissipate as the months will turn into years. I’ll

walk her down the aisle and you’ll smile because somehow in the madness

of our universe, we made it all happen. I’ve seen the end, and I

think I’m ready to experience the beginning.

Art by Anders Røkkum

27 comments on “Inception

  1. Wow. Beautiful artwork and awesome words! 🙂

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  2. I still want to feel that crushing defeat…damn

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  3. Jacob, you gave me chills while setting me on fire. I feel every word. This is a masterpiece, truly. I just… Damn…

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt6r-k9Bk6o 😉 lol

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  4. ericstrong51

    I’ve been curious for a very long time on how you get your posts to renew in the WP reader? Is there a box to check somewhere in the system? Like, this poem was posted 35 minutes ago, but then again 3 minutes ago. Curious and interesting.

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  5. emotionsoflife2016

    Nicely express

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  6. glitterandbones

    You have an enviable and uncanny talent in encapsulating the complexities of the human condition in a beautiful and economical form. I love this piece. Gorgeous work!!

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  8. That was an amazing poem, Jacob. And somehow that eye logo really kindof looks like you.

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  9. This is beautiful Jacob. 😃

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  10. Beautiful! Love this:)

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