Written by Jacob Ibrag

Growing up, all I ever wished for on my birthdays

was to be as big as the skyscrapers that surrounded my

mothers office. They seemed so confident, everything that I

wasn’t. I was this boy who possessed an overactive imagination

and nothing else. And now here I am all these years later, wishing

that I was that kid again, wishing that I wasn’t as hollow as

the skyscrapers that surrounded my mothers office.

Photographer Unknown


39 comments on “Hollow

  1. And thus what I feared, I have become.
    Great piece Jacob! πŸ™‚

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  2. We’re all glad that you didn’t turn into “the skyscrapers that surrounded” your mother’s office. Lovely.

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  3. Amazing.. very nice..
    I have a question, how do we again update the post we had written before? Would be grateful for your help..

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  4. Nessa Sheron

    I love this! Well written.

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  5. Wonderfully written! I really like this poem!

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  6. Excellent! On many levels.

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  7. “wishing that I wasn’t as hollow as the skyscrapers” this was the line that resonated with me. This brings to mind a vast emptiness, tall and cool inside. I always enjoy your writing Jacob.

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  8. Love your writing Jacob.

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  9. The last line got me like … Woow !!

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  10. Well the only way to be kid again is growing up with my daughter, coz i have always dreamt of being a kid and never growing up. What do you do when u you have a 3 year old, keep being an adult and discipline and be a parent or grow up with your child and be balance for everything. So to speak, id like to grow up with my kid.

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  11. We never can predict how we turn out in the future, and, that, is why childhood is the most wonderful time in our lives, because there are, virtually, limitless possibilities of what we dream of ourselves as, and yet, we still must, grow up…

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  13. Brilliant words! If only we could see things as they really are, in time.

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  14. Wow, I really like this a lot – struck a chord with me! Great stuff

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  15. Powerful piece. A child’s perception is so innocent. Then, we grow up and see the world for what it is. This is how your words spoke to me.

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