Written by Jacob Ibrag

Through the frozen frames of

yesterday, I saw who we could be.

Following the scent she left on my

bed, I’ll show her that we’re more

than a twenty four hour thing.

Photographer Unknown

16 comments on “Frames

  1. Roy Evans


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  2. More than twenty-four hour dream..

    Slowing live it seems..


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  3. sounds like a new romance in the making πŸ™‚

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  4. i’ve lost a love for loving
    I’ve lost a love for not
    For when I am she says
    Your satisfying lust
    And if I am not
    It’s you’ve got another
    You have to learn
    Just how she turns the switch
    You know there is
    A three way, on, both, or off
    Not for you to choose
    You have, you haven’t learned
    Choose one at your peril
    Unless its right your out
    Remember, love when off
    You will loose
    Don’t love when on,
    You will lose.
    If your on, and she’s both,
    Your in, tell you what,
    Forget it, leave it up to her.
    For when she does,
    She’ll ravage you,
    Day in, day out for years.
    Forty eight up to date.
    I would not change her/
    I think the switch
    Is stuck on both……
    Yet to change the fuse.
    Oh its been close
    Not down to altercations
    We’ve had to introduce
    A thermostat,
    No we don’t stop
    Just ease the pace
    A little bit you cant
    Beat a good fuse

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  5. I adore this!!! makes me think of this

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  6. Nice…sexy, lusty, but still very romantic.

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  7. Wow, you can feel the emotion from it

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  8. Sounds like one of you had already let go and the other one’s holding on…

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