Written by Jacob Ibrag

Most of it goes, time and the

faces of your loved ones. Hold on to

what is, nothing remains congruent

for longer than a human second.

Artist Unknown

10 comments on “Faces

  1. As sentient beings,

    we’ve been influenced within
    the laws,

    we’ve created for ourselves…

    Ifinn i was to follow,
    my new family law, society
    would crucify me…

    If not burn me by the stake….

    Silver ship.

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  2. we hold on and keep holding on. Til that moment as our loved ones wants us to let go with a smile, and tells us “u will be here beside me, always.”

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  3. Really nice- thanks a lot for all of your likes- means a lot! I feel like I’ve read quite a few posts on time today; I’m gonna try and write my own poem on this theme 🙂


  4. That feeling when you’re trying to catch a moment and capture it to keep forever but within minutes you can’t even picture the face staring back at you or the sunset in the background

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  5. Looking forward to your next post,
    loved the image: it goes so well the context of
    your piece.
    Both combined gave me goosebumps! 🙂

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  6. I wonder what a “human second” is, as opposed to just a “second”. But it’s poetry…should I even question?

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  7. Excellent poem… makes me wonder about our brief lives, as I blink… 😀

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