Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You know, you smile when you’re asleep

and, you never seem as happy when you’re awake,’

she noted as he finished brushing his teeth. ‘You obviously

don’t have to tell me but, what are you dreaming of when you

separate from this reality?’ Walking towards the nightstand, he

grabbed a photo of his parents and handed it. ‘I imagine what

it would’ve been like if you ever got a chance to meet them.

I imagine what it would’ve been like if they ever got

a chance to meet their grandchildren.’

Photography by Kent MacDonald

21 comments on “Imagine

  1. karthika Padmakumar

    Wow…its amazing!!

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  2. I really enjoyed this poem because it had a pleasantly unusual style to it. It was as if you were telling a story through the characters, almost like a short piece of writing, yet it still could fit into the category of poetry. It got me thinking…that is good! Well done!

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  4. Family, in blood or without,

    always has a way,


    the soft centering part
    of our soul…


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  5. I love how you were able to tell a story with just a few words. Sometimes less is more and you did that so well in this piece. ❀

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  6. jbrsakura

    Ah. The last two lines were heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.

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  7. Hauntingly heartbreaking and sweet. Really Enjoyed this. Well done.

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  8. Such moving words so simply put.

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  9. Poignant and beautiful Jacob

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  10. photoscientist

    I dream that I can be who I am.

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