Written by Jacob Ibrag

These, are just things. Call it an epiphany

or whatever words fit your definition, but these are

all just things. I have spent my entire conscious life collecting

what people believe will paint them ‘happy’. And to this day, I still

don’t know its meaning. How is it that smiles form on those that have

less than me? Why does each item in my domain further the void in

my understanding? I have everything they could ever want and

feel utterly, empty. I am yet another piece in my collection,

a doll without any knowledge or facial expression.

Photography by Marta Bevacqua

37 comments on “Item

  1. Beautiful Jacob. So true. I love how you condense such big, pondering topics in so few words!!! Brevity is the soul of wit, you are a genius ❀️😊

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  2. Really nice poem, Jacob.

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  3. Well said. Things can’t fill a hollow vessel.
    Happiness originates within.

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  4. Happy Shabbat,
    and happy Purim!
    Be joyous and happy,
    you know what that means.

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  5. i struggle, within,

    life it self…

    Yet you have everything,
    i’ve been trapped by canadian law,

    which disgracefully corrupted…

    Keeping me out of a house while a maid,
    lives like royalty…

    Tell me were moral law is now?


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  6. Wow! This is amazing. Strikes right in the empty gut.

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  7. Wow, love this! Well I love all your work but 2 thumbs up!! πŸ™‚

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  9. This is deep! And So true. One might have everything and still be ‘utterly empty’ inside. Then you see people who have bare minimum and they are more content and happy than one can ever be.

    Powerful words Jacob that beautifully capture the essence πŸ™‚ Well Done!

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  10. I have collected a lot of clothing over the past couple years. I get a rush for the first day that I own it, and then after that I’m swept back into the void. Objects do not seem to equal happiness!

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  11. Holy mother of God!… That is a whole sermon in a precious few words. Thank you. You continue to inspire and convict.

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  12. , they are empty vessels ,, – your words are NOT …thanks for sharing.

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  13. A sad but worthy reflection.

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  14. Really lovely… the imagery you project is powerful.

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  15. In very brief words, you managed to sum up what most try to attain. Happiness is not a collection of degrees, career title, real estate such as a big house, or a fancy car. It’s not even getting married or having a kid or two. It’s so much more and than what we can gain. But, we do try and then we realize that it’s something internal. It’s in the very small things. It’s essentially gratitude for our very life and the tiniest things that we take for granted. I know I’ve been searching for happiness for a long time and am now realizing that it’s always been inside me. It takes a balance of being goal driven, but also appreciating what we already have. It’s knowing that it’s not bad to want to achieve and succeed, but also knowing that achievements isn’t everything.

    Great post, loved it. I tried typing a comment and then it erased. Hopefully this isn’t a duplicate. Either way, have a great day and look forward to your next post! πŸ™‚

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  16. True happiness are in things that aren’t tangible.

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  17. wow! love most of your posts.

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